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Security Camera Solutions

Wireless Marine

Camera System

Wireless Property Security 

Camera System

Wireless Public Safety

Camera System

One System. Endless Solutions. 

At the core of our system is our unique WRM (Wireless Recorder Module) that comes equipped with an on-board 4G LTE router

allowing the user access over the internet via any IOS, Android

or Windows based device. Additional cameras are linked

wirelessly (or hard-wired), providing limitless video coverage to suit the end user needs. We pride ourselves on the level of customization of the system and the seamless integration with most existing data systems. We can make it work.....

Wireless Recorder Module (WRM)

The systems core that can be configured with a 4 or 8 terabyte recorder.

1080p PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras that deploy to cover a variety viewing scenarios connect wirelessly

to the WRM.

Additional Wireless Cameras

Monitor from anywhere using your IOS, Android and Windows devices. 

Remote Accessibility
Cameras and Parts
Upgrades and Extended Service Plans


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