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Wireless Public Safety

Camera System

As cities and towns continue to expand, security in common areas like parks and urban centers becomes more important to public safety and continued growth and development. The INTERLINK wireless camera system was born of the need to help monitor and promote safety in these public spaces. The system starts with a master WRM (Wireless Recorder Module) and camera with a high capacity internal recorder that can be accessed via a built in 4G LTE router. A single WRM master unit can be connected wirelessly to as many as seven additional 1080p PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) "slave" cameras that are located within the same proximity as the master unit. Additional cameras can also be connected via long range wireless bridge where line of sight is available. The system can be accessed wirelessly through the network on any IOS, Windows or Android device.

The system offers municipalities an affordable, secure and extremely flexible solution to wireless video surveillance with connectivety literally anywhere you can receive an internet connection.

- 1080p resolution
- 360° PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom)
- 20x optical zoom
- low-lux starlight sensors
- 4 or 8 terabyte storage drive
- up to 16 cameras to each WRM


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