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Wireless Marine Camera System


The DECKLINK is a wireless communication system that links the front of the tow and the wheelhouse to better connect the crew. The system operates within its own data network, fire-walled from the vessels existing data infrastructure for security and ease of deployment. DECKLINK was designed from the ground up to increase safety and improve crew coordination through better forward visibility and more streamlined communication. The system continuously records all video streams and can be accessed remotely on any Windows device. The Forward Datalink Module connects the boat pilot to a powerful 360°- 20x optical zoom camera that offers visibility beyond the tow to improve reaction time and assist in navigation through narrow channels and locks. The camera also provides an extra set of eyes to help identify on-deck hazards and improve overall crew safety and work efficiency.

- 1080p resolution
- 360° PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom)
- 20x optical zoom
- low-lux starlight sensors
- integrated depth transducers
- 120w lightweight folding solar       panel  and charge controller
- hands-free wireless tow speaker


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